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Time to let me know what are your expectations….?

Let me set up the situation correctly. You are having dinner and really looking forward to a nice cocktail after a hard day’s work or a challenging week. You are getting ready to sip that perfect looking glass of red wine and low and behold the waiter makes an awkward move and the beautiful glass of Pinot Noir is firmly placed all over you! Yes all over you… clearly an accident but the end result is your white top, camisole, and jeans are soaked. The red wine is everywhere and, in fact, the glass broke and the small glass pieces are actually in your lap, on the table, and everywhere.

You are in a nice restaurant where the average entree is about $22.00. You don’t get upset or make a huge scene but as a customer what are your expectations of what the restaurant should do to make it right?

  • Do they comp the entire meal?
  • Do they buy you a new glass of wine?
  • Do they pay for dry cleaning?
  • Do they buy you new clothes if they are ruined?
  • Do they only charge you half price?
  • Do they buy you a dessert?

I really look forward to reading your comments and hearing your expectations.

P.S. This exact scenario happened less than a week ago to my girlfriend M.D. and it was interesting what the restaurant did.

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