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How cool are you if you have a one-word name?

Cher, Sting, Madonna & Sinbad all have one thing in common…They only go by one name! How cool would that be? Do you think there is a certain code to having only one name?

Do you have to be really famous, really rich, or have a huge ego to have only one name? Could I have people calling me one name…? Let me take that back since I am sure there are plenty of people who only need one word to call me! What if I asked everyone to call me Boston? Dubes? Not sure that has the same impact or meaning as Cher and Sting!

  • What do you think about people/stars that only have one name?
  • Are you a fan?
  • What is your favorite one word name?
  • If you only had one word to your name what would it be?

I look forward to reading your comments.

P.S. I’m just curious do you know Madonna’s and Sting’s real name?

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