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To me this trend seems to be going in the wrong direction.

We all realize that everyone is on their iPhone regardless of where they are!

  • At a game – on the phone!
  • At the airport – on the phone!
  • Walking down the street – on the phone!
  • In an elevator – on the phone!
  • In a restaurant – on the phone!

And the list goes on and on and never seems to stop!

In some ways I am guilty of this as well, although I have made a conscience decision over the past few years to get better and believe I have.

I must admit I am uncomfortable when people are on or walk into a small elevator and are on the phone. I just believe the space is way too tight to have a discussion and whatever they are discussing can wait 30 seconds.

Often I walk into a bathroom and someone is on the phone. Last week (for the second time) two people were actually on the phone in a restroom. Maybe it is me (please let me know) but I don’t think a public restroom is the right spot to have a phone discussion. I understand that emergencies can happen but when you hear the conversation around what do you want for dinner tonight or something like that can’t it wait?

  • Should a public bathroom where you work have a no cell phone rule?
  • Does this bother you as well?
  • Do you think this has gotten worse over time?
  • How do you handle this when it happens?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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