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Watch or no Watch That is Today’s Question!

With a Fitbit on my right wrist 24/7 do I really need a watch on my left wrist? Before I answer that question – I have worn a watch for as far back as I can remember, at least 40+ years. I am specific of the watch I like, which tends to be simple, no numbers, light weight, and not too expensive.

Recently I have thought about forgetting the watch and going with just a Fitbit. I have tested this a few times and actually like it. Most of my watches don’t have a lot of features so I don’t think I will be missing anything.

Maybe I will wear a watch when I go to an important event but for everyday use, I think I am going to move ahead without it.

So I say bye bye watch! I hope you will be comfortable in my sock drawer!

  • Have you been at a similar crossroad?
  • Do you wear a watch every day?
  • Is your watch more of a fashion statement?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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