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A little Texas humor for Friday!!!

Welcome to a little Friday humor
……I hope.

I hope you did chuckle a little bit.

  • Now it’s time to tell me which of the six pictures is your favorite?
  • Which of these pictures best describes Texas?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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    Ed Sugar says:

    The SUV one reminds me of this old joke.

    An Irish farmer was in Texas visiting a rancher who was a Texan through and through. While showing off parts of his ranch, the Texan told the Irish farmer:

    “I won’t show you the whole ranch, but let me just say this. We could get in this here pickup truck and drive east for 2 hours before we reached the end of the ranch. Then we could drive south for another 2 hours, west for 3 hours, and north for another 4 hours before heading back here, and all without ever leaving the ranch.”

    To this the Irish farmer replied, “Yeah, I had a pickup truck like that once too.”

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