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What I have learned so far in the NBA playoffs….

I must admit I have enjoyed watching the NBA playoffs. So far, here is what I think I have learned:

1. The Boston Celtics are a very athletic team.
2. Kevin Durant is too good a player to get caught up in all the cheap shots, flagrant fouls, & ejections.

  1. Even with Steph Curry, the Golden State Warriors aren’t beating the San Antonio Spurs.
  2. The San Antonio Spurs, without question, are the best dynasty I have ever seen in sports!
  3. With Chris Paul out the Clippers are going home after the first round!
  4. The Detroit Pistons will be a special team next year!
  5. I don’t care who wins the Toronto Indiana series!
  6. The Houston Rockets are the most dysfunctional team I have seen since some of the crazy George Steinbrenner NY Yankee teams!
  7. The trainer for the Miami Heat is a superstar for everything he has done to get Dwayne Wade in a position to play!
  8. The Cleveland Cavaliers are better than most people think!
  9. Even only winning one playoff game the Dallas Mavericks overachieved.

Okay your turn…

  • What have you learned so far?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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