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Help! I have a new pet and I kind of want to get rid of it….

As you read this post you are probably thinking he is referring to a dog or a cat but unfortunately that isn’t the case. Over the past month I have noticed a bunch of holes and what I thought looked almost like hoof prints. Was it a Coyote? Deer? Elephant? Nope, nope, and nope! Well the answer to the question has been answered – it is a somewhat small but prehistoric looking Armadillo that I have named Alfred. No idea why I chose that name or if Alfred is even a male, but it kind of sounded right so we will go with it. My partner in crime (MD) discovered our little Alfred walking around the pool in the middle of the day. He actually came within 5 feet of her….Much to her surprise.

Yes – he is interesting to look at.

Yes – I have done some research and he is pretty much blind.

And Yes – I want him to go away.

I don’t want him to be hurt.

But he needs to go away!

  • So help! How do I get rid of little Alfred?
  • Have you dealt with a similar problem?
  • A friend of mine mentioned pouring mothballs down the hole – has anyone done that?

I look forward to reading your helpful comments.

P.S. Please stop laughing – I need him to go away!

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