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Attention NBA fans….. in this free agent frenzy…. help…..who got better?….

I must admit this off season in the NBA has been a huge surprise to me. I thought Kevin Durant would resign with OKC and D Wade would do the same thing with Miami and, of course, I was wrong. Derrick Rose gets traded to the Knicks, Dwight Howard who I thought would be a Dallas Maverick ends up in Atlanta, Al Horfod is now a Celtic, and two of the Golden State Warriors are now in Dallas.

Am I the only one having trouble figuring this out?

  • I think the NY Knicks and Boston Celtics are better!
  • Perhaps the only thing that beats the Golden State Warriors is injuries?
  • I think the Chicago Bulls are a mess with Rondo and Wade in the back court!
  • The Lakers made a lot of moves – are they any better? A playoff team?
  • With a healthy Chandler Parsons is Memphis a lot better?

At the end of the day who got better?

Please, please help me sort this out!

I look forward to reading your comments.

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