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I just figured it out…. I am really wealthy… thank you!

As I get a little older I find myself reflecting a lot. I actually like doing this because it gives me a lot of clarity and allows me the opportunity to grow as a father, partner, son, brother, friend & business executive.

I think I have finally realized what life is about! Wow – perhaps a big statement that took me a long time to get too.

I truly believe it is about friends, family, and love!

I would suggest that if you have those three things, regardless of what you own or have in the bank, you are a very wealthy person.

My parents are very special people and have taught me so much, my sisters are different from each other but sweet, caring, and amazing. I am really excited to see how my kids mature & grow up – so far so good – each have an open heart and a willingness to learn…. At least some of the time. My friends – wow where do I start? When you have friends like Shu, Rep, Z, Sledge, Rooster, Woodman, and Scoop who stand behind you no matter what you feel like, you can accomplish anything! Thank you for being there and your guidance. Even though we have a pretty small family I am fortunate enough to have special people in that bucket as well Cuuuuz, Jessie, Uncle J (my second Father), and Vivian are all genuine, loving people. My partner Mary is beautiful inside & out and has so many positive qualities that I never thought was possible to possess in one person – thanks for all that you do!

With that said, I am very rich and I want to thank everyone in my life who continues to add to my wealth each and every day.

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