Chronic Conditions Can Play a Role in Overall Reduced Health for Americans


May 11, 2021 - According to a recent survey by M/A/R/C® Research, 60% of Americans are suffering from chronic conditions, a sobering statistic. In addition, those with chronic conditions typically are suffering from multiple ailments (2.5 conditions on average), with the most common being high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis/long-term pain, and diabetes.

One surprising finding from the survey is that it is not just older Americans who are suffering from chronic conditions. Among those surveyed in the 21-49 age group, half are coping with chronic conditions. This statistic increases to 70% in those ages 50 and up.

Age notwithstanding, dealing with a long-lasting illness or disease can take an even greater toll on physical health, as sufferers are less likely to maintain a healthy diet, obtain restorative sleep, and pursue an active lifestyle that includes physical exercise.

In addition, emotional well-being is also a concern for those with chronic conditions. In fact, 79% have recently experienced mental health issues, from feeling anxious and depressed to withdrawing from social interactions.

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