Client Point of View--With Bob Graham

September 28, 2007

What is your most memorable research project you have ever worked on?

Hard to say. At Micrografx, I did an international project with focus groups in London, Paris and Munich. It was fascinating to observe the cultural differences among respondents in different countries. I'm prouder of some of the other projects I've worked on (where I used a new method or analytical tool), but I think the international one was the most memorable.

How would you categorize the state of online research?

It's gone beyond "evolving" into "maturing". I think everyone accepts it as a valid quantitative option (I still have too many reservations about online qualitative), but something needs to happen to make it seem groundbreaking.

Is Ethnography playing a bigger role in your research plans? If so, how?

Since I just started a new job, it's too early to tell here. But we were doing a lot of exciting ethnographic work at RadioShack.

What do you think is the greatest need in the market research industry?

A better understanding of what we do by the public at large.

What type of research are you most frustrated with regarding it's ROI?

Trying to judge the effectiveness of event sponsorship research. Everybody wants to know the ROI from sponsorship, but I've yet to see a model I feel fully confident in.

How would you characterize the quality of the deliverables in 2007 vs. previous years?

Varies by supplier. The best ones deliver consistently year in, year out and are always looking for ways to improve. Some are so set in their ways that they keep on rehashing the same old report.

From your standpoint what is the hottest trend in market research?


What research conferences do you think you will you be attending in 2008?

I'd like to attend the AMA Conference. Haven't been there in a few years.

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