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Accelerated Solutions

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We've combined our signature expertise with advanced technology to deliver results in days for a practical value, with zero compromise.

Sort with Breakthrough
  • Create
  • Sort with Breakthrough
  • Determine which ideas break through the clutter and create relevant emotional connections using implicit response time, an intuitive swipe exercise and our signature accelerated technologies.
Concept Screen
  • Focus
  • Concept Screen
  • Screen concepts to identify those that warrant further optimization efforts and consideration - assessing appeal, implicit emotional connections, and concept diagnostics in a sequential monadic exercise.
Concept Screen
  • Optimize
  • Choice
  • Leverage the power of choice-based conjoint with implicit response time to capture both rational and emotional thinking - enabling you to optimize and build concepts with the highest appeal and breakthrough.
Rapid Results Concept Testing
  • Validate
  • Rapid Results Concept Testing
  • Green-light new ideas with confidence using proven predictive measures validated to determine concepts with the most potential to activate consumers in-market.
Rapid Results Price Sensor
  • Price
  • Rapid Results Price Sensor
  • Identify optimal price points relative to volumetric potential - giving you the competitive edge.
Rapid Results TURF
  • Refine
  • Rapid Results TURF
  • Establish the optimal line-up of products for success.
Ad Impact Measurement (AIM)
  • Communicate
  • Ad Impact Measurement (AIM)
  • Gauge the impact of your advertisement and get insight into who would take action after seeing your ad.

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