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We provide forward-thinking solutions that give you the knowledge to drive competitive advantage and customer engagement so your brand can go from just surviving to thriving.

Diagnose your brand's health and boost its potential

M/A/R/C® offers a unique forward-looking approach to understanding brand health by identifying your brand's relevance and strength in the marketplace. We layer in sophisticated key driver analysis to pinpoint actionable steps to strengthen competitive position.

Increase engagement, satisfaction and loyalty

A key to long-term success is having a strong relationship with your buyers that keeps them coming back for more. M/A/R/C® has the tools to effectively measure retention and analyze the elements that impact the relationship with your customers.

Maximize the effectiveness of your marketing.

The effectiveness of advertisements, promotions and other communications ultimately hinges on the ability to activate the intended target. Our AIM methodology estimates motivational pull and can provide a comprehensive look at both System 1 and System 2 factors.

Some of our work in this area

Case Study Apparel

Increasing the customer base for a leading clothing brand with greater breakthrough and optimized offerings

Case Study Auto

Crafting new brand positioning for a national insurance provider using a multi-phased approach

Case Study abBev

Developing key channel strategies across Anheuser-Busch InBev's brand portfolio


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