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Whether you are bringing ideas to life, launching a new offering in market or revamping an existing brand, maximize the outcome with M/A/R/C® Innovation & Optimization platform.

Quickly identify your winning concepts

Rapid Results, our best-in-class concept testing platform, incorporates multiple core indicators of in-market success to estimate its Concept Activation Potential Score. And now we've raised the bar again so that you can get these results in as little as 6 hours.

Determine your in-market potential

Developed at MIT and refined by M/A/R/C®, our ASSESSOR® forecasting system delivers the most accurate volumetric estimates available in the industry, +/-10% of actual in-market results. We give a complete picture of your product's potential, including robust Source of Volume analysis, detailed profiles of likely adopters and a comprehensive assessment of strengths and weaknesses.

Optimize your brand on benefits, features, price or packaging

Decision-making involves making trade-offs. From Conjoint to TURF to Price Sensitivity analysis, we have the right tools and, more importantly, the expertise to determine acceptance across the range of choices that will guide you in making the right decisions for your brand.

Some of our work in this area

Case Study Animal

Guiding the development of a category game changer with M/A/R/C®'s Innovation Platform

Case Study McDonalds

Accelerating McDonald's innovation insights with Rapid Results

Case Study Auto

Crafting new brand positioning for a national insurance provider using a multi-phased approach


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