For every platform and concept,
every name and logo,
every marketing spend and launch decision...
Assessor delivers the in-market outcome.

Proven and Unbounded

Developed at MIT, designed to work cross-category and culture, and honed at M/A/R/C®, the Assessor forecasting model has successfully delivered thousands of forecasts within ± 10% on 90% of STM validation opportunities.

What sets Assessor apart from the competition?

  • Focus on all the key consumer decision-driving variables, including emotional reactions and behavioral response, to calibrate consumer intent and reflect true marketplace behavior.
  • Delivery of real source-of-volume - cannibalization and incrementality - not just a level of substitutability.
  • Incorporation of choice modeling when needed to accurately forecast the impact of alternative offer scenarios.
  • Integration of multiple decision makers - physician/patient/MCO, gatekeeper/child.
  • Cross-channel forecasts within a single sample of buyers.
  • Diffusion modeling overlay to explore the migration of adopters.
Assessor solutions for specialized industries

Assessor offers an industry-specific solution for multiple market segments - most often in pharmaceuticals, financials, CPG, restaurants and B2B.

We've provided an overview of our approach, please contact us so we can address your specific objectives.