Assessor® Full

Proposition Tests

M/A/R/C®'s Assessor, a proprietary forecasting methodology originally developed at MIT, for more than 25 years has successfully delivered forecasts within ± 10% on 90% of STM validation opportunities.

Assessor was designed to incorporate all the key decision-making variables that reflect both the behavioral and psychological factors that comprise consideration and purchase - including perceptions of the new offering versus alternatives. This comparison to competitive options is key as it requires trade-offs like the ones that are made in-market.

Key advantages of Assessor STMs vs. other forecasting methodologies include:

  • Focus on all the decision-driving variables, including emotional reactions and behavioral response, to calibrate intent and reflect true marketplace behavior
  • Innovative offerings where no benchmarks for success currently exist
  • Delivery of real source-of-volume - cannibalization and incrementality - not just a level of substitutability
  • Incorporation of choice modeling when needed to accurately forecast the impact of alternative launch scenarios
  • Integration of multiple decision makers - physician/patient/MCO, gatekeeper/child
  • Cross-channel forecasts within a single sample of buyers
  • Diffusion modeling overlay to explore the migration of adopters

  • Sales forecast/impact of marketing reach
  • Source of business, ranked incrementally
  • Brand trier profiles
  • Trial motivation/concept appeal
  • Image diagnostics
  • Adoption curves/profiles (optional)

If there is a product/service available:

  • Repeat potential/customer profiles
  • Share of requirements estimates
  • Penalty analysis
  • Product optimization/diagnostics
We've provided an overview of our approach; please contact us so we can address your specific objectives.