Social Media in Research
While society is evolving, market research is also evolving to more accurately capture the essence of consumer trends and preferences. By including social media research in addition to traditional market research methods, a deeper, three-dimensional analysis of consumer insights is provided.

The M/A/R/C® Method
M/A/R/C® puts high value on the authenticity of social data. While using multiple external and internal resources to gather and analyze the largest amount of data available, M/A/R/C® is committed to honoring the privacy of all consumers. The data analyzed at M/A/R/C® is gathered from user profiles that have been designated by consumers as publically available content.

Customizable Offerings
M/A/R/C® understands the unique nature of each client’s needs. Reporting services are customized and combined to create the most cohesive and applicable results for each client. Basic solutions capabilities include:
Provides insight into emotions and behaviors of individual consumers that are not captured through traditional research while highlighting consumer priorities and commonalities through conversation trends and commonalities among market segments Develops an overview of the social conversation, share of voice, key influencers and related consumer verbatims while providing strategic marketing tactic recommendations and analysis of conversations surrounding a product of campaign for any specific time period Models social conversation changes against business metrics while defining predictive relationships between social data and external measures and connecting social data to business data to understand ROI

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